April 13, 2023

Disparaging magic against humans

One of the most dangerous types of magic is disparaging magic against humans. This type of magic is harmful because it affects the physical, psychological, social, and material well-being of the victim. It differs from other types of magic because the perpetrator is usually vengeful and spiteful. We all know that separation magic affects the relationship between spouses, and attraction magic is intended to bring the enchanted person to the enchanter without awareness or consideration. Beer magic hinders the ability of the afflicted girl to get engaged, and eye magic causes the victim to see things that are not real or logical due to the effect of magic. However, disparaging magic against humans is the most destructive and influential on the victim, and its symptoms are as follows:

1- The victim suffers from problems for which there is no justification in his home, and the closest people to him are repulsed by him for the slightest reasons. The biggest problems arise in his home and his family environment, and the victim becomes incomprehensible and ostracized without reason, as this type of magic repels others from the victim to degrade his status among them.

2- The victim suffers from health problems, including organic and psychological problems. He experiences pain or insomnia and goes to the doctor, but no organic problem is detected after tests and examinations, yet the pain continues to haunt him all the time. Psychologically, he is surrounded by a range of psychological problems such as fear of others, unfounded fear, obsessions, illusions, anxiety, and the like, with no end to these problems, the most important of which is sudden depression and constant feelings of sadness and despair.

3- The physical symptoms of this sorcery are when the person affected sees that things in their work have turned upside down without any justification or fault on their part. Customers may shy away from dealing with them or suddenly stop doing business with them without any reason or clear problem. If the person affected is an employee, they may find themselves surrounded by hatred and animosity from former colleagues for no apparent reason, which leads to a lowering of their status in their job.

4- The person affected may also face the problem of sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction, and the death of emotions and feelings from within. They may not be able to live with their spouse in a normal way as they used to. Whenever they try to get close to their spouse, they find that they have suddenly lost their sexual ability and feeling, which usually leads to the spouse’s rejection and other problems that are difficult to enumerate. The purpose of all of this is to belittle the affected person in their own home.

Treating this sorcery is not like traditional treatments such as applying oils or leaving the matter to the affected person to treat themselves. This type of sorcery renews automatically and must be ended from its roots so that its effects do not return after a short period. Therefore, there is a special treatment for this type of sorcery available at expert centers, which is divided into two parts. The first part is to terminate the sorcery and its basis, and the second part is a treatment consisting of two types of medication, one taken in the morning and the other in the evening, which works to rid the body of the effects of this sorcery, whether it is solid substances on the colon wall or the effects that usually occur in the central nervous system, leading to problems in the functions of the sensory system and resulting in psychological problems. Usually, a person should not judge themselves as affected before contacting the center and presenting their case to the specialist, as the symptoms of sorcery can sometimes be similar, and an accurate diagnosis of this problem must be made before prescribing treatment.

Organic Symptoms of Human Dignity Belittlement Sorcery

Human dignity belittlement sorcery can lead to organic, psychological, and social problems. In this topic, we will mention the organic symptoms that result from this type of sorcery, which are problems that affect the major organs of the body and cause temporary and permanent organic diseases. As for temporary diseases, they end when the main cause of the problem, which is this sorcery, ends. However, permanent diseases settle in the human organs as a fluctuating organic disease that does not easily respond to chemical drugs.

The temporary organic diseases that result from this type of sorcery affect the digestive, nervous, and reproductive systems. Regarding the digestive system, this type of sorcery causes the loss of the mucous membrane in the stomach and the yellow substance in the nervous colon wall, resulting in the following: constipation, irritation of the nervous colon, a malfunction in the rectal muscle in the nervous colon, and esophageal disorder. Here, the feces and gases become the most common factor. The patient may sometimes have a large belly, and other times it disappears. The winds and gases become active and are of a large size, pressing on the diaphragm, which negatively affects the heart. Here, problems of heart palpitations, tachycardia, tingling, shortness of breath, aversion, and narrow-mindedness begin.

Most problems that affect the nervous system have direct psychological consequences, but it should be noted that there are also organic diseases that result from the use of magic on this system, specifically the nervous system. In most cases, there are spasms in the body, whether in the feet, shoulders, or limbs, which lead to tremors, lack of control, joint problems, disc and cartilage problems, spinal vertebrae problems, neck pain that leads to migraines and partial headaches. These problems also cause a general feeling of discomfort, usually due to arterial stiffness and related circulatory symptoms such as dizziness and fainting in women.

As for problems that affect the reproductive system, they are numerous and mainly involve problems in the organ’s spiral circuits, leading to weak erections and sexual performance. There are also problems where there is a malfunction in the nerve clusters at the front of the organ, causing premature ejaculation because this malfunction produces incorrect and irregular signals to the brain. This causes the patient to be unable to engage in proper sexual intercourse and if they are able to have an erection, premature ejaculation and orgasm occur within a few minutes, leading to the degradation of the patient’s condition and causing them great suffering and despair.

Temporary illnesses usually end when the main cause, which is the magic of belittling humans, ends. It should be noted that these symptoms are produced by this type of magic, and we do not mean that every disease of these diseases is necessarily caused by this magic. However, the truth of these problems that move from one body system to another becomes apparent through accurate and correct diagnosis.

As for the permanent diseases that result from this type of magic, many of them are: high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures, ulcers in the nervous colon, stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, and disc herniation. These diseases usually settle and become chronic as a result of the long period of magic, for example, high blood pressure is caused by problems that affect the arteries and spasms for a long time, which settles as a disease. As for diabetes, it is caused by the accumulation of waste saturated with sugars for long periods, which leads to laziness in the pancreas gland, and from these factors, it settles as an organic disease. Ulcers, colonic ulcers, and gastroesophageal reflux settle as chronic diseases as a result of the damage that occurs to the digestive system for long periods. Disc herniation and slip occur as a result of spasms resulting from this type of magic.

The psychological symptoms of the spell of belittling a person’s status

Dear reader, the psychological problems and illnesses that afflict a person affected by this type of spell are numerous and varied. Some are temporary and some are permanent and long-lasting. We refer to the temporary illnesses as psychological problems because they disappear when the spell ends, and we do not call them a disease. However, psychological illnesses become diseases when they result from this type of spell and cause prolonged suffering for the individual.

The psychological problems resulting from this type of spell are varied, ranging from insomnia to hysterical fits and emotional disturbances. We will list them briefly: depression, insomnia, delusions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, emotional instability, hallucinations, sleeplessness, temporary insanity, split personality disorder, and panic attacks. These problems can either be temporary or settle in as a psychological disease, which is determined by the length of time the individual has been affected by the spell.

In most cases, the patient suffers silently from obsessions, compulsions, and phobias during the day, and from sleeplessness, hallucinations, nightmares, and terrifying dreams at night. These are the result of images and thoughts that accumulate in the subconscious mind and impose themselves on the patient, who tries to get rid of them without success. The individual begins to feel a loss of emotions and feelings, no longer experiencing life like ordinary people, and is not enticed by anything or enjoys socializing with others. They prefer isolation due to these problems, and sometimes, the isolation is involuntary due to the spell, while other times, it is voluntary out of fear that others may notice their condition. In both cases, the goal is to belittle the individual’s status, as the spell aims to make the person appear inferior, and anything that is inferior is attainable while anything superior is unattainable.

These symptoms are usually more devastating for an unmarried woman who is not protected than for men or married women, because demeaning her status means she is isolated and usually marriage prospects are not easy for her due to the degradation of her status. Whenever a man proposes to her and attempts to establish a relationship, this process fails, or the engagement may proceed but then break off without any logical reason. The remaining problems will be discussed in the topic of the social symptoms of this type of sorcery, as we have mentioned that it affects organic, psychological, and social conditions.

Therefore, we advise those who practice treatment, whether for materialistic purposes or for the sake of doing good, that spiritual healing requires great and comprehensive knowledge, and it is impossible for a person to obtain this knowledge by buying and reading books or stealing other people’s writings and publishing phone numbers under them and deceiving patients, or even memorizing parts of the Quran or intruding what they call themselves scholars. This is permissible, and that is not permissible, this is possible, and that is not possible, and they never feel the tragedies of Muslims. Our priority is the safety of the patient and their recovery, and helping them reach the shores of safety and return to participation in this world so that the journey of life can continue according to what pleases Allah.

Social Symptoms of Human Dignity Diminishing Sorcery

Dear readers, we are discussing here the social symptoms and problems that result from human dignity diminishing sorcery, and we will categorize them here to make it easier for the reader to understand them correctly, as these problems are sensitive and destructive at the same time. The categories here are as follows: Impact on livelihood and business ventures and their failure, Youth engagement and marriage, Marital institution (between spouses). We will limit ourselves to these broad topics as we will explain more of them in separate topics, God willing.

After mentioning the health and psychological symptoms, we will now mention the social symptoms and problems that are titled above, and we will start with the issue of livelihood and business ventures, which unfortunately is widespread. When a person’s dignity is belittled in their knowledge, things suddenly turn upside down, and the person becomes confused about what happened to their work and livelihood. Matters that used to go smoothly are now surrounded by many obstacles and problems that lead to constant failure and returning to square one. There is effort and perseverance, but nothing works out, and the person notices that any work that elevates their status fails miserably without any known reason or any administrative or lazy faults. The situation starts to decline until it reaches the abyss.

Regarding relationships and marriage, both young men and women suffer from these symptoms. The more a young man looks for a wife, the more things become complicated. If he likes her, she rejects him, and if he doesn’t like her, she agrees. Alternatively, he may become frustrated and refuse to marry altogether. In his view, marriage and searching for a wife become disgusting and unnecessary. This is where his suffering and his family’s suffering begin. As for affected girls, they may refuse marriage altogether, and whenever someone comes to propose to her, she shows symptoms of tension, confusion, rejection without justification, and sometimes hysteria.

If the girl is wealthy, beautiful, and religious, every time her family tells her that people are coming to propose to her, they either don’t come, or they come and like everything but don’t return, leaving her in this situation for long periods, even reaching spinsterhood. In some cases, if God does not give this afflicted person treatment and healing, they remain unmarried for life. These symptoms are caused by the magic of belittling humans and also by the magic of binding and spinsterhood. However, the difference between the two lies in the organic and psychological symptoms.

If the problems are accompanied by organic and psychological symptoms, it is belittling magic, while if the symptoms are without organic and psychological problems, it is binding magic (the magic of spinsterhood). It is also possible that the first case, in which the girl refuses to engage for no reason and experiences tension and changes in her state, is the result of advanced demonic possession for love or marriage through hand placement. These issues will be clarified in the diagnosis section of the forums, God willing.

As for the symptoms experienced by married couples due to this magic, there are many problems, including repulsion, differences, and major problems for the simplest reasons. If they were affected during the engagement period, the first sexual intercourse (consummation) would not succeed, and it would continue for months and years until the relationship between the couple is restored, if it can be restored at all.

For accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and for further inquiries, you can contact specialists by requesting a consultation.