April 15, 2023

Treating Envy

Treating Envy: Envy is defined as a person wishing for the transfer or loss of blessings from another person. Envy is one of the hidden evils that affect humans, even though its impact and harm are apparent. Envy can be divided into several categories: envy in health, envy in beauty, envy in children, envy in wealth and possessions, and envy in position and status.

Regarding envy in health, the person who is envied is viewed with an unkind gaze known as the “evil eye.” It is a gaze fueled by a sick mind, a wicked heart, and anger towards the person who does not wish good for anyone, and wishes for blessings to be lost.

The envied person begins to suffer and experience health deterioration, and diseases and pains that have no justification or diagnosis in human or psychological medicine. If envy is directed towards beauty, it is not uncommon, and this type of envy usually falls on beautiful women or young men who have exceptional beauty.

If envy is directed towards hair, the hair can become weak, falling out and changing from a soft texture to a rough one. If envy is directed towards the beauty and clarity of the face, the beautiful face can become ugly due to wounds, scars, pimples, and blemishes.

If envy is directed towards a beautiful and slim body, this body can deteriorate until it reaches the bones and becomes an ugly body.

If envy is directed towards children, it can pose a great danger. For example, if a family is ideal and has many educated children who respect each other and work together, envy can cause them to separate, lose cooperation and respect, and feel constant hatred and hostility. Their lives can turn from happiness and bliss into unbearable hell.

If envy is directed towards wealth and possessions, it can turn riches into poverty and take away the blessings of all that a person owns. Their circumstances can turn from bad to worse.

If envy is directed towards a person’s position and prestige, it can corrupt their psyche, cause them to lose happiness, appetite, and desire, and make them feel weak and afraid. This can have a negative impact on their mental well-being, and their state can gradually deteriorate until they lose their position and prestige.

It is possible that one of us may be afflicted with the evil eye without realizing it, so we must be cautious and not look at anyone with envy. If we see someone who enjoys good health, we should pray to God to preserve their health, and if we see someone who is beautiful, we should pray to God to increase their beauty and make them a source of pride for Muslims, and if we see someone who is rich or influential, we should pray to God to make them a support for people and a source of pride for Muslims.

We should love goodness for everyone and avoid looking at what others possess, for if we become more humble and leave this world, God will love us, and if we leave what is in the hands of people, people will love us.

Envy in Health and Beauty:

Envy is considered one of the most dangerous psychological disorders that can afflict a person, where this feeling is manifested in feeling jealous and deprived of the blessings and bounties that others possess, and among these blessings that many envy are health and beauty.

Regarding health, envy can greatly affect the well-being of individuals who experience this feeling. Some people feel deprived and jealous of those who enjoy good health, and this feeling can have a negative impact on their health. Envy increases the secretion of harmful hormones in the body and affects the immune system, making the person more susceptible to diseases.

As for beauty, envy can lead to the destruction of an individual’s self-image and create feelings of anxiety and dissatisfaction with oneself. This can lead them to follow incorrect methods to improve their appearance, such as undergoing unnecessary cosmetic surgeries or using harmful chemicals on the skin.

Envy in wealth and children:

Envy is an old and common problem in our societies and can cause the destruction of people’s lives and undermine their relationships. Among the areas where envy spreads greatly is in wealth and children. Money, material wealth, and children are things that people envy and desire.

Money and material wealth are considered one of the areas where envy can cause many problems in many societies. People see the wealth and financial success of others as a means to prove themselves and measure their own success. Therefore, they feel envy and jealousy towards people who have what they want. Because of this envy, many negative methods are created that aim to harm or tarnish the reputation of people who possess money.

In addition to that, children are another wealth that can cause envy in many societies. Children represent the future and a bet on building a generation capable of developing society and achieving progress and prosperity. Therefore, people see children as a wealth that can be invested in to ensure their future success. When someone sees another person succeeding in raising their children well, they feel envy and jealousy towards them and feel the desire to achieve the same success.

However, we must remember that envy is a negative action and can lead to the destruction of the lives of targeted individuals. Envy causes the spread of hatred and jealousy among people.

Envy in position and prestige:

Envy is a negative feeling that arises in humans towards others because of their sense of lacking something that others possess. Among the things that a person can feel envious of is position and prestige. A person may feel envious of those who possess prestigious social positions or wealth, even of their offspring or children.

When a person feels envious of those who possess prestigious social positions, they may experience pain because they want to be the one who enjoys this status and respect. This negative feeling may push them to seek by all available means to obtain this position and respect, which may lead to committing many serious mistakes.

As for envy in wealth, a person who feels envious towards those who possess wealth may feel jealous and bothered by their ability to enjoy material things that he also desires. This feeling may lead him to desire to acquire more money, but it may turn into greed and neglect for ethical and humane values.

As for envy in offspring, a person who feels envious towards those who have children may feel regret for not having this blessing and wishes to have children who are considered a source of pride and honor. This negative feeling may drive the person to search for ways to seek treatment.

If you are suffering from envy or any spiritual problems, you can contact spiritual specialists through the option of requesting consultation.