April 15, 2023

Demonic Possession

Demonic possession is a term used to describe a condition that some believe is characterized by the influence or intervention of the devil or evil spirits. This term usually includes psychological and physical symptoms that cannot be explained scientifically and are difficult to treat through traditional methods.

Symptoms that some believe indicate the presence of demonic possession include changes in personality and behavior, mood swings, strange thoughts and actions, speaking in unintelligible languages, experiencing strange accidents, feeling constant fear and anxiety, a sense of loneliness and isolation, and feeling the presence of another person inside the body.

However, diagnosing cases of demonic possession is highly controversial, as some believe that many of these symptoms can be scientifically explained and that psychological and medical treatment can help eliminate them. Experts advise dealing with cases of demonic possession with caution and respect for different cultural and religious beliefs, and encouraging individuals to seek the necessary support and psychological and medical treatment to deal with this condition.

Cases of demonic possession are considered controversial topics that cannot be dealt with simply, as they pose a major challenge for doctors and experts in psychology, religion, and spirituality.

Opinions vary regarding the causes of cases of demonic possession, as some believe that they are due to psychological factors such as psychological pressure, traumatic experiences, and mental illness, while others attribute them to spiritual and demonic intervention.

It is worth mentioning that many religions believe in the existence of demons and evil spirits and consider them to be hidden entities that interfere in human life, and believe that one can be susceptible to such interventions if they do not adhere to religious and moral teachings.

On the treatment side, cases of demonic possession are primarily diagnosed through psychological and physical examination and personal interviews. Some medications and psychotherapy may be used to help alleviate the symptoms. Treatment should be comprehensive and holistic, including psychological, spiritual, and religious aspects.

Generally speaking, cases of demonic possession require a great deal of caution, empathy, and collaboration between doctors, experts, patients, and their families. Working together is necessary to provide the necessary support and appropriate psychological and medical treatment to overcome this condition.

Symptoms of demonic possession vary depending on the individual’s condition and the extent of its impact on their life, and among these symptoms are:

1- Sudden changes in personality and behavior, where the person feels anger, aggression, depression, and excessive fear.

2- Sudden and unexplained changes in mental and physical health, which may include insomnia, constant headaches, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea.

3- Negative and pessimistic thoughts that the person experiences, often accompanied by changes in the way the person sees the world and people.

4- Feeling the presence of another person inside their body, and being unable to control their actions and thoughts. This can occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

5- Hearing non-existent voices, often translated as demonic voices, which include speaking in scary voices, threatening, and mocking.

6- Feeling the presence of unnatural things, which are definite signs of demonic possession, including seeing things that are usually invisible, sudden changes in temperature, and sensations.

It should be noted that the mentioned symptoms do not necessarily indicate the presence of demonic possession, as there may be many similar symptoms for other reasons. Therefore, a precise diagnosis should be made through a comprehensive psychological and spiritual examination by specialists.

Demonic possession of love

The Lover’s Touch, also known as “sexual possession”, is a condition that affects some individuals and makes them suffer from a strong sense of sexuality and excessive sexual desire, to the extent that it negatively affects their personal and social lives. It is believed that this condition may result from several causes, including:

1- Psychological reasons: such as psychological stress, anxiety, depression, and negative experiences in previous sexual relationships.
2- Physical causes: These are biological factors that affect the hormones responsible for sexual desire, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and problems with the pituitary and thyroid glands.

3- Supernatural causes: This is considered a rare cause that is sometimes referred to, where some people believe that this condition is caused by demonic possession.

The symptoms of “al-‘ashiq” syndrome that people with this condition suffer from include:

1- Strong feelings of excessive sexual desire, and inability to control it.

2- Feeling sexually tempted and attracted by an unknown or unwanted person.

3- Engaging in unsafe and inappropriate sexual behaviors.

4- Insisting on establishing sexual relationships with a specific person even if they are not interested.

Demonic Possession and Behavioral Deviation

Some studies suggest a relationship between demonic possession and behavioral deviation, where demonic possession can lead to increased sexual desire and deviant behavior in those affected by it.

In the case of demonic possession, the demonic jinn is exerted on the human and controlled through seduction and provocation, and may be directed towards sexual or behavioral deviation. As the person affected by demonic possession loses control of themselves and cannot fully control their thoughts and actions, it is possible for them to engage in inappropriate and socially unacceptable behaviors.

However, it should be noted that behavioral deviation may have other causes besides demonic possession, such as psychological, physical, and environmental causes, which can be identified by physicians and mental health professionals.

Nevertheless, it is important to accurately diagnose demonic possession and provide the necessary treatment to prevent behavioral deviation and any other negative effects on the mental and physical health of the affected person. People who suspect demonic possession are advised to speak to a specialized spiritual and mental health therapist to receive the necessary treatment.

Demonic possession can lead to behavioral deviations in affected individuals, where the jinn may direct them to engage in inappropriate and deviant behaviors such as violence, rape, theft, drug use, and other dangerous behaviors. In addition, those affected by demonic possession may be at risk of being attacked by the jinn, which increases the risk of psychological and physical harm.

It is worth noting that behavioral deviation is not exclusive to those affected by demonic possession, as people with other psychological disorders may experience similar behavioral deviations. It is important to accurately diagnose the problem to determine the necessary treatment, whether it be psychological, medicinal, or a combination of the two.

Furthermore, individuals who complain of demonic possession may also suffer from other psychological disorders related to this condition, such as anxiety, depression, stress, and fear, which can exacerbate symptoms and negatively affect their daily lives and social relationships. The necessary support should be provided to these individuals and they should be directed to obtain the necessary spiritual treatment from specialists.

If you are suffering from demonic possession or any spiritual problems, you can contact spiritual specialists through the option of requesting a consultation.