April 16, 2023

Love attraction magic

Love attraction magic is one of the common types of magic at this time. Its reasons can be attributed to several factors, including deep disagreements between individuals, families, couples, and siblings, as well as greed and material interests, such as the children’s greed for their father’s wealth, or the worker’s greed for a promotion from his manager. Love attraction magic includes attracting a lover and fulfilling the wishes of a person who desires to be with someone who does not desire them. Among similar matters here, there is attracting children under control and achieving what they want.

Among the most dangerous aspects of love attraction magic is attracting a married person to commit adultery, or attracting a man for a similar purpose. Often, parents resort to attracting their children with magic, fearing their loss after their marriage, and this is wrong. People are also marginalized using love attraction magic, such as a wife claiming that her husband has been attracted to her, or parents claiming that their son has been attracted to his wife.

We must beware of this unjust magic, as its effects are negative in this life and the hereafter. The righteous parents want their son to be understanding with his wife and respect her, and the righteous wife loves to see her husband obedient and loyal to his parents.

Love attraction magic is considered a forbidden act according to Islamic law, and no one should resort to it no matter what the reasons are. Allah has generally prohibited magic, and ordered Muslims to stay away from it and avoid it, due to the harm and temptation it causes among people, and the fact that it leads to departing from the religion of Allah and glorifying other things at the expense of the oneness of Allah and following Islamic law.

In addition, using magic to attract a lover often leads to severe consequences. It can destroy marital and familial relationships and create strife and conflict between people. Moreover, this action goes against relying on Allah and deviates from the halal path that Allah has prescribed for His servants.

Therefore, Muslims must adhere to Islamic law and avoid magic and everything related to it. They should seek halal means and rely on Allah in all matters.

Black magic falls under the category of magic that is completely incompatible with Islamic teachings and societal ethics. It is considered unfair and oppressive to the targeted person and causes negative effects in both this life and the hereafter. Therefore, resorting to these practices should be avoided, and one should seek help from Allah and pray to Him to achieve what they desire in life and adhere to moral and religious values in dealing with others.

Symptoms of love spell magic vary depending on the type of spell and the method used, and among the common symptoms are:

Mood and behavior changes: the person may experience extreme mood swings and exhibit unusual behavior such as intense anger or excessive happiness.

Memory and concentration problems: the person may have difficulty remembering things correctly and may lose the ability to concentrate.

Chronic illness: the person affected by the spell may suffer from constant pain and chronic illnesses such as severe headaches, joint and back pain, and others.

Changes in appearance and weight: the person affected by the spell may experience sudden changes in appearance and weight, and may even experience changes in skin color or hair loss.

Feelings of depression and weakness: the person may feel sadness, depression, and extreme weakness, and may find it difficult to cope with negative emotions.

Weak social relationships: the person affected by the spell may lose strong social relationships and may isolate themselves from others.

Sexual disturbances: the person may experience a lack of sexual desire and difficulty with erection or ejaculation.

It should be noted that these symptoms may be caused by other factors besides magic, so it is important to consult a doctor to determine the true causes.

Excessive anxiety and stress: the person affected by a love spell suffers from a constant state of excessive anxiety and stress about their relationship with the person who has been brought to them by magic. They feel uncomfortable and extremely upset if the person they brought through magic is not with them.

Allergies and itching: the person affected by a love spell may experience severe sensitivity and itching in various parts of their body. These symptoms are the result of the impact of magic on the immune system.

Loss of appetite and weight loss: the person affected by a love spell suffers from a loss of appetite and weight loss quickly, which is considered a result of the severe anxiety and stress they are experiencing.

Feeling faint: the person affected by a love spell feels constant dizziness and fainting, which can cause severe headaches and discomfort.

Social isolation: the person affected by a love spell avoids socializing with others and lives in isolation, feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the situation they are in.

Psychological disorders: A person affected by love spell may experience psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and severe fear as a result of the psychological influence caused by the spell.

Bad dreams: The person affected by a love spell may also suffer from bad dreams and nightmares.

It should be noted that love spells are considered forbidden by Islamic law, and should not be resorted to in any way. Instead, one should rely on prayer and supplication to Allah Almighty, and make genuine and positive efforts to repair relationships and communicate effectively with the person they want to attract.

Moreover, one should be cautious not to fall into the trap of charlatans and deception by those who trade in magic and sorcery, and exercise caution and awareness in our dealings with others, and adhere to the values and principles of Islam, which encourage honesty, integrity, loyalty, and kindness to others.

If you are suffering from love spells or any spiritual problems, you can contact spiritual specialists through the option of requesting consultation.