April 16, 2023

Magic of hindering marriage

Magic of hindering marriage, Nowadays, a type of magic known as marriage hindering magic is spreading widely. This magic affects both young men and women, but females are mostly affected. The cause is usually a desire for revenge, such as when a beautiful and arrogant young man hurts a girl, and she wants to retaliate. It also happens when a young man loves a girl and wants her to be his wife, but she doesn’t want to, so he performs marriage hindering magic.

There is also a spiteful woman who doesn’t want good for the girls in her family or a woman killed by jealousy of other people. The cause of this magic can also be social, as in the case of someone being degraded or ridiculed.

Prevention of this type of magic lies in dealing with others well and not earning their enmity, solving problems in the best ways, and not degrading or ridiculing others. The relationship between spouses should be based on what pleases Allah, either by keeping the spouse with kindness or separating him/her with goodness.

We should leave the oppressed person’s matter to Allah because attempting revenge makes us oppressors. A divorced woman should leave her ex-husband and her matter to Allah, and similarly, a divorced man should leave his ex-wife and her matter and not be stubborn. We should be content with Allah’s decree whether it is good or bad.

Symptoms of marriage-blocking magic in males are defined by severe headaches, irritability, aversion to others, disturbing dreams, insomnia, fatigue and weakness in the body, depression, extreme nervousness and tremors, severe redness in the eyes upon awakening, refusal to marry, and in case of agreeing to marriage, rejecting anyone who approaches them, and feeling internally hopeless.

As for the symptoms of marriage-blocking magic in females, they include severe headaches, redness in the extremities, hands and feet, lower back pain, irritability, chest pressure and shortness of breath, disturbing dreams and nightmares, predicting things before they happen, hypnagogic jerks, feeling that something strange is happening around them, feeling nauseous and dizzy, feeling hopeless around the clock, feeling that everything they want from this world comes contrary to what they wish, whenever a suitor comes to propose, she shakes and rejects him without reasons, extreme aversion to others and hatred of life.

Many grooms are affected by marriage-blocking magic before entering, and this magic affects the groom in particular. The following symptoms can be observed:

1- Nerve relaxation and inability to relax despite good preparations for the wedding.
2- A feeling of aversion and discomfort when alone with their spouse, which affects their mood and desire to enjoy romantic moments.
3- Lack of sexual desire and libido, which affects the sexual life of the newlyweds.
4- Flaccidity of the penis during attempts, and the inability to achieve an erection, causing frustration and anxiety for the groom.
5- Loss of erection when approaching the bride, leading to a sense of frustration and inability to complete the intimate relationship.
6- Dislike of sleeping next to the bride, leading to feelings of disturbance and discomfort.
7- Strong aversion towards the bride, affecting the relationship between the newlyweds.
8- Severe headache, trembling in the waist and legs, affecting general health and feelings of comfort.

Although these symptoms can persist for weeks or even months, they can be treated through spiritual intervention and psychological healing.

If magic to prevent marriage before entering affects the bride, the symptoms include severe headaches, loss of sexual desire, aversion to the groom, preventing her from approaching him strongly, leg spasms when trying to do so, and she may lose consciousness if forced to do so.

She also feels a desire to escape from the groom and does not feel comfortable when they are alone together, and her personality can become conflicted. If the magic to prevent marriage before entering affects both parties, only one symptom appears, which is that they both go to their families and seek salvation and divorce. This type of magic is very complex and difficult to discover except after it’s too late.

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