April 15, 2023

Treatment magic

Treatment of magic: Magic is one of the most dangerous spiritual illnesses, as it represents harm directed towards a person or several people, and differs from other spiritual illnesses in that it does

not differentiate between a person’s faith, righteousness, or piety, so that everyone is vulnerable to harm. However, Allah may bless and protect whoever He wishes among His creation, as He is the

one who causes harm and benefits, honors and humiliates, gives life and causes death, and there is no one who can change His decree, for He is the Almighty.

Magic is divided into two main categories: the foundation and the servant. The foundation refers to the work that is consumed orally, or sprayed on the ground in the area where the spellcaster

passes, usually at the doorsteps of houses, entrances of shops, and the like, or the work that is buried according to the nature of the spellcaster’s tower. If the tower is made of soil, it is buried in the

soil, if it is watery, it is thrown into flowing water, if it is airy, it is hung in the air, and if it is fiery, it is burned in the fire.

As for the second category, the servant is a devil from the jinn who carries out the terrain of magic that exists on the foundation, and is entrusted with it. The senior demons are allies and guardians

of the sorcerer, and the senior demons of the jinn are the servants of the talismans and devilish names. They order the servant to carry out the sorcerer’s magic. For example, the sorcerer reads

his devilish invocation or writes his talisman, then performs the incantation by saying: “I entrust you, O servants of these talismans or invocations, to separate between so-and-so son of so-and-so

and so-and-so daughter of so-and-so.” The servant performs the service, and the magic begins, and the bewitched person begins to suffer.

There are many types and forms of magic, as well as many names and designations. It also has symptoms that are evident in humans, and through these symptoms, it can be determined whether

a person is bewitched or not, regardless of superstition and charlatanism. We will now explain the types of magic, their names, and their symptoms.

Types of Magic

Magic is a common practice in some cultures and religions, involving the use of hidden and mysterious forces to find solutions to problems or to cause harm. Throughout history, magic has been

associated with myths and legends, and its methods and types have varied depending on the culture and religion.

One of the most intriguing aspects of magic is black magic, which is considered the most dangerous among all types of magic and is used for causing harm and negative influence on people. This

type of magic involves the use of herbs and toxic chemicals to create poisons and magical drinks that can be used to control people.

On the other hand, white magic is another type of magic used for help, healing, and achieving positive desires. This type of magic relies on the use of natural herbs, oils, and religious recitations to

find positive solutions.

Despite some scientific evidence of the effectiveness of certain magic treatments, the use of these methods may lead to excessive reliance on them, which can harm individuals in the long run.

It should be noted that Islam prohibits and warns against the use of magic, as it is considered an evil act that harms both individuals and society. Muslims should refrain from such practices and turn

to natural and legitimate healing methods. Effective methods of protection against magic and spiritual problems include seeking refuge in God and reciting Quranic verses.

Symptoms of Magic

The symptoms that appear on the bewitched person after being affected by magic are common and the bewitched person may feel and suffer from them greatly. The symptoms may appear

differently depending on the type of magic, its strength, and its location in the body. Some of the most important symptoms that may appear on the bewitched person include:

1- Feeling excessive tiredness, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

2- Depression, severe sadness, bloody bleeding, and sudden mood swings.

3- Pain and ache in the body without any clear reason and it may be in any part of the body.

4- Severe anxiety, tension, fear of simple things, and extreme horror.

5- The bewitched person may continuously suffer from physical and psychological diseases and defects.

6- Feeling sudden and inexplicable extreme heat and coldness.

7- Severe weather changes in the body, excessive sweating, and severe headaches.

8- Changes in personality and behavior, changes in interests and goals in life.

9- Excessive sensitivity to smell, sound, and color.

10- Feeling congestion and swelling in the body without any clear reason.

Immediate treatment is required for the above-mentioned symptoms, and the bewitched person should contact a competent therapist to diagnose the condition and develop the necessary treatment


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